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Top Benefits of Cambridge Homeschooling

"Why should I choose The Cambridge Academy?"

That's a great question! Why enroll your child, the most important person in your life, in our homeschool academy? Here are the top ten reasons that set The Cambridge Academy apart.

Benefit #1: The Cambridge Academy allows homeschool students to work at their own pace. Our homeschool software allows gifted homeschool students to work ahead at their advanced skill level and allows homeschool students who struggle with particular subjects to take some extra time to ensure that they grasp the material.

Benefit #2: The Cambridge Academy is affordable. Even with our most fully-featured homeschool program, our tuition is a fraction of the cost of most private schools. Homeschooling with Cambridge becomes even more affordable with our flexible payment plans.

Benefit #3: We use a world-class, cutting-edge, multimedia homeschool curriculum. You won't find a homeschool curriculum like ours anywhere else. In any given day, our students watch video, listen to audio material, complete interactive online adventures, read stories in traditional textbooks, go on field trips, and more. Our online homeschool software allows engaging exploration in learning that will bring out the natural hunger for knowledge in your child. The Cambridge Academy is not a one-size-fits-all, mass-produced homeschool program. Our homeschool program is a dynamic, fluid program that changes to fit each child's learning style. Because all kids are different, regardless of age, they need a homeschool program that can bend to meet their needs.

Benefit #4: Our homeschool curriculum is available 24/7. This means that we work around your schedule. If you would like your homeschool students to complete their course work during the evenings or on weekends, or even holidays, that's fine. This flexibility allows parents to determine the best fit for the child.

Benefit #5: We offer freedom that a public charter school can't possibly offer. When students enroll in charter schools, they receive the same "one size fits all" education that they get at the local public school, only at home. There is no flexibility or freedom to add or remove courses as the parent sees fit. As a result, the child is stifled and forced to learn things that the parent may not necessarily want the child exposed to. Families are often bothered by cumbersome reporting and visitations.

Benefit #6: If families choose to enroll their homeschoolers with teacher assistance, they can count on help from our professionally-trained teaching specialists. If homeschoolers (or parents) have questions about homeschool coursework, they can send an email or type a question into a chat box and receive a response within a few minutes.

Benefit #7: By completing graduation requirements, homeschool students of The Cambridge Academy can earn their high school diploma. Because our online homeschool program is registered as an official private school and our homeschool courses meet or exceed national standards, a High School Diploma from The Cambridge Academy will be so very valuable to you.

Benefit #8: Students love our online homeschool curriculum! Learning is not a chore like it is in public school. Because our homeschool curriculum is designed to fit each child's educational needs, it will remain challenging, not too easy, not too difficult. Children love our array of multimedia-rich homeschooling materials because they are so interesting to watch, listen, read, and explore.

Benefit #9: Our online homeschool program is specifically constructed to be self-teaching. This means that The Cambridge Academy is a perfect solution for busy parents who can't always be at home to instruct their child. With teacher help, homeschool students can be even more autonomous, even if parents know little about homeschooling or don't have teaching experience of any kind.

Let us tell you more about homeschooling with The Cambridge Academy. Give us a call at (484) 383-3900. or e-mail us at
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