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What Our Families Are Saying

Homeschool families love The Cambridge Academy Home School Program. Don't take our word for it - Take theirs!

"My daughter has the chance to study at her own pace and really learn instead of remembering the correct answers."
 -J.P. Mission, KA

"I appreciated our phone call conversations. You explained everything and stayed on the phone until I found out exactly what I needed to know."
-Mr. J.W.S. Sacramento, CA

"The best part of your curriculum is that my child can work at her own pace."
-T.S. Denver, CO

"It enables our child to be homeschooled without either parent having to quit work."
-R.A. Golden, CO

"The multimedia is far more expansive than I imaginedů"
-Y.J.J. Somerville, NJ

"The best part is the flexibility it provides for families with special situations."
-K.A. Steubenville, OH

"I can provide a quality education for my children with the assistance of caring teachers. The teachers are knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to questions."
-J.N. Savannah, GA

"Learning at your own pace removes the stress. The encouraging notes that our teacher's sent us mean more than you know."
-Mr. F.M. Orlando, FL

"The whole package is wonderful: the immediate automatic grading, the web links, the teacher involvement. I love seeing my son enjoying his schooling and chatting with his classmates."
-G.R. Seattle, WA

"My son was able to do most of his work independently."
-T.L. Gulphport, MS

"We are so grateful for your homeschool program. The opportunity to homeschool has made a very big difference in our son's attitude about education and his view of the world."
-D.P. Aiken, SC

"The flexibility allows the child to work on their studies rather than wasting their time in between classes at the public school. Plus, they don't have all the distractions and busy work."
-T.Z. Freeport, ME

"The number of resources involved in the curriculum provides for a well-rounded experience for the student. Versatility and freedom defines the program - a great learning system."
-G.A. Kansas City, MO

"I never knew online learning could be so great. This is just what my kids needed. They absolutely love school now!"
-L.N. Lexington, MA

"...after a death in the family, my children were really having a difficult time in school. I was going to put them in a private school, but it was so expensive that it would have been almost impossible. Then, I found Cambridge and it was just what they needed. They are doing so well at home and are getting an education I am confident in. I really believe Cambridge saved our family. Thank you."
-J.W. Newark, DE

"My kids never knew learning could be so fun. Frankly, neither did I!"
-Milwaukee, WI

"My child is special education and Cambridge home schooling has proven to be what works best for us. She is finally learning in a way that suits her, she is safe in our home, and I get to spend a lot of time with her."
-Ardmore, PA

"Cambridge makes school fun for [student] and easy on me. I won't have to spend the entire summer planning next year or every night grading work. I can actually spend time teaching [student] now."
-Portland, OR

"There are so many course options. This is great!"
-Monroe, LA

"[Student] is home schooling AND will receive a diploma. Not a G.E.D.... a DIPLOMA! I didn't think that was possible before we found Cambridge. [Student] really loves school now, too. It's fantastic."
-Jacksonville, FL

"Home schooling with The Cambridge Academy is what every home school family dreams about. The curriculum is sound, the online format is engaging because of the videos and websites, the busywork is all taken care of, there are teachers available to us...we really couldn't ask for anything else."
-Mobile, AL

The Cambridge Academy is the best program available! We know...we've tried them all!"
-Round Rock, TX

"[Student] has shown such an improvement in school this year compared to when she was in public school. Home schooling was a good choice. Home schooling with Cambridge was a great one!"
-Xanthis, MN

"We love The Cambridge Academy teachers and staff. They're awesome!"
-Lincoln, NE

"My kids just didn't do well in the school system. They were bullied and it really affected their work. I thought about putting them in another school, but they're all kind of the same. I was doing research online and found Cambridge. I thought we'd give it a try, even though I honestly didn't think it'd be the answer for my kids...I cannot believe the progress they've made this year. They are thriving at home and the Cambridge program is fantastic. I wish I'd found it earlier!"
-Santa Fe, NM

**Homeschool testimonials are original however names and locations changed to comply with our privacy policy.

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