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Homeschool Portfolios – State Homeschool Requirements

Welcome to The Cambridge Academy’s State Homeschool Requirements page. We urge all homeschooling families to review the list below to make sure that they are within the law. The states you see below require homeschoolers to submit either a portfolio or some other form of documentation to the state. A homeschooling portfolio should include curriculum information, yearly academic progress, attendance registry, grades, and work samples. A good portfolio can take many hours throughout the academic year to compile and organize.

If your state is not listed below, don’t make the mistake of homeschooling without a portfolio. If you have a child who plans to attend college, it’s vital to have a portfolio on hand for admissions interviews. The same goes for transferring between schools. Keep in mind that state homeschooling law changes frequently. It’s a good plan to have the proper documentation so that you can prove your child is enrolled in a legitimate homeschooling program.

Order your Portfolio by calling (484) 383-3900 or by e-mailing

Alabama: Attendance Register

California: Attendance Register

Colorado: Attendance Register, Test Results

Connecticut: Portfolio

District of Columbia: Attendance Register

Florida: Portfolio

Georgia: Portfolio

Hawaii: Curriculum Record

Indiana: Attendance Register

Kentucky: Attendance Register and Scholarship Reports

Louisiana: Form(s) of documentation is(are) planned to satisfy the testing requirement

Maine: Keep copies of all material filed until homeschool program concludes

Maryland: Portfolio

Minnesota: Quarterly Report

Missouri: Portfolio

Montana: Attendance Register

North Carolina: Attendance Register

North Dakota: Portfolio

New Hampshire: Portfolio

New York: Portfolio

Pennsylvania: Portfolio

Rhode Island: Attendance Register

South Carolina: Portfolio

Tennessee: Attendance Register

Washington: Portfolio

West Virginia: May need a Portfolio

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