In Spanish 1, students will learn basic phrasing and grammar techniques as well as building a fundamental vocabulary of commonly used Spanish words.  Homeschool students will also be introduced to key elements of Latin American and Spanish culture.  We will discuss verb forms, noun gender, and other Spanish basics.  This course is required for students who wish to continue on to our Spanish 2 course. 

Course Outline:

 1: Introduction

 2: Pronunciation Practice

 3: Useful Word Groups

 4: Good Morning!

 5. Where Is. . .? Continued

 6: Some Common Verb Forms

 7: Contractions. . .

 8: How Are Things?

 9: To Have and Have Not

10: Do You Speak Spanish?

11: Where?

12: I, You, He, Continued

13: A Few Short Phrases

14: Numbers in Conversation

15: Time Continued

16: Morning, Noon, and Night Continued

17: Midterm Exam

18: Useful Word Groups Continued

19: Small Talk Continued

20: Calling on Someone

21: Getting Around Continued

22: Useful Expressions Continued

23: Who, What, When Continued

24: Liking and Disliking Continued

25: In, To, From Continued

26: Asking Your Way

27: Family Affairs

28: De Compras

29: A La Busca De Piso

30: Soy Forastero

31: Saludando a Un Viejo Amigo

32: Common Verbs and Forms

33: What's in a Name?

34: Brighter Spanish

35: Final Exam Review

36: Film and Final Exam

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