In German 1, students will gain a basic grasp of the German language as well as an introduction to German culture.  Homeschoolers will begin this study with a look at German pronunciation and popular phrases that will teach the student how to introduce him or herself to a German friend.  We will focus on different variations of words such as gender, negative or positive, reflexives, and more.  Homeschool students will learn about what to say in German in specific situations that come up in everyday life. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction

  2: Pronunciation

  3: The Basics

  4: Introducing Yourself

  5: Inflection and Gender

  6: Verbs

  7: Feminine and Masculine Nouns

  8: Declension

  9: What We Have

10: Negations

11: Declension of Adjectives

12: More Numbers

13: Dative & Accusative Prepositions

14: Genitive Prepositions

15: World Countries

16: Möchten, Food, & Trip to the Zoo

17: Reflexives

18: Mittel des Semesters Prüfung

19: Getting Around a City

20: Giving Directions

21: Time

22: Dates and Word Order

23: Going Out

24: Shopping

25: Modal Verbs

26: Eating Out

27: Seperable Verbs

28: Der words and Idioms

29: Time

30: Interrogatives

31: Present Perfect

32: Perfekt and Präteritum

33: Comparisons

34: What to do with German

35: Review for Exam

36: Ende des Semesters Prüfung

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