French 1 students will learn the basics of French language and culture.  This course is available for students in grades 6-12 and must be taken before moving on to French 2 and AP French.  Homeschoolers will learn fundamental nouns and gender, verb conjugation, plurals, adjectives, and pronunciation.  Students can use the knowledge the learn here to move on to higher level French courses or to be comfortable conversing in basic French on a trip to France! 

Course Outline:

  1: The Translation Myth
  2: Nouns and Gender
  3: Vowel and Consonantal Sounds
  4: Identity Sentences with Ętre
  5: Making Plurals
  6: Adjectives and Agreement
  7: Colors and Clothing / Cardinal Numbers
  8: Using Avoir and Faire
  9: Basic Negative Form
10: Indefinite Articles
11: Expressing Dimensions and Time
12: Regular –ER Verbs
13: The Human Body
14: Asking Questions
15: Positional Expressions
16: Days and Months / Culinary Vocabulary
17: The Imperative Form
18: School Subjects and Professions
19: Talking About Family
20: The Partitive / Quantities and Comparisons
21: Important Irregular Verbs – pouvoir, falloir, vouloir
22: The Senses and Expressing Feelings
23: Using Adverbs / Irregular Adjectives
24: Talking About Geography  
25: Regular –IR and –RE Verbs
26: Direct Object Pronouns
27: Talking About the Weather
28: Possessives and Demonstratives
29: Commonly Used Prepositions
30: Traveling and Making Acquaintances
31: Commonly Used Conjunctions
32: Basic Vocabulary of the Information Age
33: Indirect Object Pronouns
34: French reading passages about the (fictional) Dejarnac family
35: Video episodes
36: Cultural readings (in English)

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