Web designers have gone from a quirky group of enthusiasts to some of the most sought-after hires in the marketplace.  Enriching your homeschooler with web design skills could set him or her on a path to an exciting career building the web infrastructure of a business.  In this course, homeschoolers will learn the basics of web design focusing on web standards and usability.  Students will learn how to code using HTML in addition to other web design software.  Students will learn how to add images, text, and tables to their pages to create interesting dynamic web content. 

Course Outline:

  1: Website Basics

  2: Planning Your Site

  3: Introduction to PageBreeze

  4: Learning the PageBreeze Environment

  5: Creating a Site From Scratch

  6: Review

  7: Working With Text Part I

  8: Working With Text Part II

  9: Controlling White Space

10: Styling Your Text

11: Using HTML Styles

12: Modifying Text Formats

13: Review

14: Examining Image File Formats

15: Inline Images

16: Modifying Images

17: Alignment Options

18: Working With Background Images

19: Midterm Review and Test

20: Adding a Navigation Bar

21: Links Part I

22: Links Part II

23: Building Tables Part I

24: Building Tables Part II

25: Review

26: Creating Forms Part I

27: Creating Forms Part II

28: Essentials of Good Web Design Part 1

29: Essentials of Good Web Design Part 2

30: Essentials of Good Web Design Part 3

31: Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

32: Review

33: Getting Your Website Seen

34: Uploading Your Content to the Web

35: Building Your Own Site Part I

36: Building Your Own Site Part II

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