In Video Studio, homeschoolers will learn basic filming techniques in a variety of settings.  Learning how to set up each seen for maximum video quality, students will have all the knowledge the need to start filming.  Homeschool students will build their basic skills in editing and film production as well using our unique software program.  We will focus on such techniques as lighting, transition, panning, zooming, and capturing different emotions through filming style.  Our unique Video Studio software will get your homeschooler on the right track to a career in film. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Video Studio

  2: Basic Hardware for Digital Video

  3: Basics of Digital Video Gear

  4: Other Video Equipment Considerations

  5: The Production Cycle

  6: Filming Basics

  7: Lights! Camera! Action!

  8: Digital Video Capture

  9: Review

10: Analog Video Capture

11: Audio Capture

12: Basic Video Editing

13: More Basic Video Editing

14: Transitions

15: Audio

16: Create Your Own Music!

17: Advanced Editing

18: Midterm Review and Test

19: Still Photos and Graphics

20: Thatís a Wrap!

21: Get Ready for Opening Night

22: DVD Creation

23: Special Projects

24: Editing Your Home Video

25: Weddings & Special Events Video

26: Editing Weddings & Special Events Video

27: Midterm Review and Test

28: In the Studio

29: In the Studio

30: Documentaries

31: Shooting and Editing Documentaries

32: Shorts

33: Editing a Short Film

34: Business Video

35: Editing Business Video

36: Final Review and Test

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