In Media Arts, homeschoolers will study a variety of media, focusing on the history of each and how leaps in technology affect the way we communicate and distribute information.  Homeschool students will gain a basic grasp of how different channels of media affect the message, from radio to print to TV to internet.  We will pay special attention to emerging technologies such as blogging and website design, giving the student an introduction to skills that are highly sought after in today's fast-paced marketplace. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Media Arts

  2: Advertising Part 1

  3: Advertising Part 2

  4: Methods of Advertising Part 1

  5: Methods of Advertising Part 2

  6: Methods of Advertising Part 3

  7: The Impact of Advertising

  8: Making Your Own Print Media Advertisement

  9: Review & Quiz

10: Media Arts Online

11: About Websites

12: Planning Your Site

13: Downloading and Installing PageBreeze

14: Web Design Part I

15: Web Design Part II

16: Web Design Part III

17: Designing Your Own Website

18: Review

19: Digital Photography Media Arts

20: Digital Photography Programs

21: Digital Cameras Part I

22: Digital Cameras Part II

23: Digital Cameras Part III

24: Digital Cameras Part IV

25: Digital Photography and the Computer

26: Digital Photography and the Computer (continued)

27: Digital Photography and the Computer (continued)

28: Media Arts in the Gallery and Museum

29: Media Arts Artists Part I

30: Media Arts Artists Part II

31: Media Arts Artists Part III

32: Media Arts Artists Part IV

33: Media and Culture Part I

34: Media and Culture Part II

35: Media and Culture Part III

36: Review and Final Exam

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