This course is designed to give homeschooling students a solid background in the interplay between different governmental departments, branches, and players.  In addition, students will learn about how the citizenry of our nation play a part in the electoral process as well as foreign and domestic policy-making.  We will focus on the legislative, judicial, and executive branches and the checks and balances between the three. We will take a closer look at different policy issues that face our government, informing homeschoolers about how they can make their voice be heard. 

Course Outline:

  1:  An Overview of Government

  2:  A Long Struggle

  3:  Going to America

  4:  We The People

  5:  Rules for Congress

  6:  What Can Congress Do?

  7:  How Laws are Made

  8:  Influences on Congress

  9:  The Need for a Leader

10:  Presidential Power

11:  The Executive Departments

12:  Foreign Policy

13:  The Need for an Umpire

14:  Protecting our Liberties

15:  Changing the Constitution

16:  The Bill of Rights

17:  The Amendments

18:  Division of Authority

19:  Constitution Review

20:  State Courts

21:  Their Role in Government

22:  What is General Welfare?

23:  The Advance of Knowledge

24:  Freedom of Worship

25:  The World of Work

26:  Government Control in Business

27:  Winning

28:  Financial Education

29:  Citizenship by Birth

30:  Responsibilities of Citizens

31: Voting

32:  Economics

33:  What has Brown Done for You?

34:  Separation of Church and State

35:  American Government Since Sept. 11th

36:  Final Exam

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