In Eighth Grade, homeschoolers will expand their knowledge of Social Studies to include information about the 20th century. Various social movements such as Civil Rights, Worker's Rights, and Woman's Rights will be examined in depth.  Homeschoolers will learn about domestic and foreign policy decisions that still affect today's political landscape.  We will learn about philosophical, artistic, technological, and economic developments that have shaped the course of American existence.  This course is bound to provoke critical thinking and discussion about why leaders are making specific decisions given what we know about American history.

Course Outline:

  1: The Last West

  2: Free Blacks?

  3: Rising Industry

  4: Impact of Industry

  5: Urban Growth

  6: Organized Labor

  7: The Progressive Era

  8: Foreign Policy

  9: American Culture

10: World War 1

11: U.S. Enters the War

12: War Culture

13: Making Peace

14: The Roaring 20s

15: The Depressed 30s

16: Beginnings of World War II

17: Review Week

18: Midterm Exam

19: Another World War?

20: U.S. Enters the War

21: World War II

22: Making Peace

23: The Cold War Begins

24: The Rockin' 50s

25: The Vietnam War

26: The Impact of Vietnam

27: The Turbulent 60s

28: The Limited 70s

29: The Conservative 80s

30: The Cold War Ends

31: The Power Hungry 90s

32: The New Millennium

33: America is Hurt

34: Final Review 1

35: Final Review 2

36: Final Exam

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