In Social Studies 7, homeschool students will take a look at American History as it existed before the twentieth century.  Starting with the first European explorers, we will chronicle the short but sweet historical legacy that America boasts.  We will study the Revolutionary War's battles and socioeconomic conditions that inspired it.  When America wasn't busy fighting wars, it was growing and expanding from sea to shining sea.  We will focus on westward expansion with the Oregon Trail pioneers.  Homeschoolers will learn a greater understanding of the causes, results, and battles of the Civil war as well. 

Course Outline:

  1: The First Americans 

  2: The First Europeans

  3: Early Settlements

  4: The Thirteen Colonies

  5: People in the Colonies

  6: Colonial Developments

  7: French and Indian War

  8: Lights, Camera, Action

  9: The Road to Revolution

10: The Revolution Begins

11: The Declaration of Independence

12: The Unexpected Victory

13: Forming a Nation

14: Able to Compromise

15: The Constitution

16: Review Week

17: Midterm Exam

18: Thomas Jefferson's Presidency

19: War of 1812

20: Industrial Revolution

21: The Era of Good Feelings

22: Heading West

23: The Wild West

24: The End of the West

25: Slavery 1

26: Slavery 2

27: Slavery Legislation

28: Leading to War

29: Civil War People

30: Civil War Culture

31: The Early Years of the Civil War

32: The Final Years of the Civil War

33: Reconstruction

34: Final Review 1

35: Final Review 2

36: Final Exam

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