Sixth Grade homeschoolers push their focus back in time to the earliest signs of civilization around the world.  We will study various South American cultures, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, Ancient Israel, the Greek and Roman Empires, as well as Indian and Asian civilizations.  For each nation, we will study the architecture, art, music, political contributions, philosophies, foods, and every other cultural element that makes up human society.  Homeschool students will get the "big picture" when studying these fascinating people groups. 

Course Outline:

  1: Ancient Civilizations

  2: Sunrise of Civilization

  3: Ancient America: Mayan Culture

  4: Ancient America: Aztec Culture

  5: Ancient America: Incan Culture

  6: Ancient Africa: Mesopotamia

  7: Ancient Africa: Egypt

  8: Egyptian Culture

  9: More Egpyt

10: Early Egyptian History

11: Egypt Conclusion

12: Research Project

13: Ancient Israel

14: Ancient Israel Again

15: More Ancient Israel

16: End of Ancient Israel

17: Review Week


19: Ancient Europe: Intro to Greece

20: Ancient Europe: More Greece

21: Ancient Europe: Greece Again

22: Ancient Europe: The End of Greece

23: Ancient Europe: Intro to Rome

24: Ancient Europe: Rome

25: Ancient Europe: More Rome

26: Ancient Europe: Roman Empire

27: Ancient Europe: More Roman Empire

28: Ancient Europe: Roman Empire Again

29: Ancient Europe: The End of Rome (Empire)

30: Cultural Comparisons

31: Ancient India

32: Ancient China

33: Ancient China Again

34: Ancient Japan

35: Final Exam Review


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