In Social Studies 4, homeschool students will take a look at American history, starting off with the life of Native Americans, the trials and triumphs of the first European explorers, and the harsh lives of the original colonial settlers.  We will continue our study of United States history as it begins through the Revolutionary War, the pioneering expansion west, the clash with Mexican forces, the problem of slavery and the Civil War, and the Reconstruction.  Swiftly moving into the 20th Century, homeschoolers will examine the Industrial Revolution, both World Wars, the Korean, Vietnam, and Cold Wars, and several political movements since. 

Course Outline:

  1: Native Americans

  2: Native Americans Part II

  3: Explorers

  4: Settlers

  5: Early American Settlements

  6: French and Indian War

  7: Road to the Revolutionary War

  8: Revolutionary War

  9: Revolutionary War Part 2

10: Constitution and Bill of Rights

11: Westward Expansion

12: Pioneers

13: Industrial Revolution

14: Reform Movements

15: Mexican War

16: Conflict with Native Americans

17: Road to the Civil War

18: Road to the Civil War Continues

19: Slavery

20: Civil War and Reconstruction

21: A New America

22: Further Expansion

23: Further Growth

24: Further Innovation

25: The War Against Disease

26: The First World War

27: The Second World War

28: The Cold War

29: The Changing Face of the U.S. (1950s)

30: The Vietnam War

31: The Radical Era (1960s)

32: The Transition Era (1970s)

33: The Conservative Era (1980s)

34: The Liberal Era (1990s)

35: The New Millennium

36: The Future

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