Homeschoolers will shift their focus from American shores in third grade with Social Studies 3.  We will traverse the harsh tundra of Siberia, dance the rumba in tropical Brazil, stand in awe of the magnificent castles in Ireland, rest our feet in a Japanese tea house, and hop along with the kangaroos in the land down under, Australia!  Homeschool students will gain an appreciation for the rich diversity across the globe.  By exploring dozens of countries, students will gain a fundamental understanding of the geographical makeup of our globe. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to World Geography

  2: World Geography

  3: Our World

  4: Geography and Culture

  5: Our Journey Begins!

  6: Places in the United States

  7: Places in the United States

  8: Places in the United States

  9: Mexico

10: Central America

11: Central America

12: The Caribbean

13: Crossing Through the Panama Canal to South America

14: Places in South America

15: Places in South America

16: Across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa

17: Africa

18: Africa in Depth: Egypt

19: Africa in Depth: South Africa

20: Into the Indian Ocean to Madagascar

21: The Middle East

22: India

23: Indonesia

24: Australia

25: New Zealand

26: China

27: South Korea

28: North Korea

29: Japan

30: Russia

31: Introduction to Europe

32: Europe in Depth: The United Kingdom

33: Iceland

34: Greenland

35: Canada

36: Introduction to Alaska and Course Wrap-Up

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