Homeschoolers will continue their study of civic duty with Social Studies 2.  Students will get an introduction to concepts such as Native American studies, World Geography, the colonization, nationalization, and expansion of America, Civil and Women's Right's movements, and more.  We will finish the year with a discussion of business and economics, introducing homeschool students to the commercial activities that enable us to buy and sell.  Our curriculum will make these concepts come alive through various video, audio, and interactive online activities. 

Course Outline:

  1: Rules

  2: Safety

  3: Respect

  4: Community

  5: Review Week

  6: Communities

  7: Communities of Long Ago

  8: Communities in the Future

  9: Maps

10: Maps: Where I Live

11: Globes

12: Review Week

13: Government

14: Government

15: The First Americans

16: Native Americans

17: Native Americans and the Pilgrims

18: Review Week

19: Civil Rights

20: Civil Rights

21: Civil Rights

22: African Americans who Made a Difference

23: Achievements of African Americans

24: African American Inventors

25: Review Week

26: Women's Rights

27: Women Pioneers

28: Achievements of Women

29: Women Heros

30: Review Week

31: Introduction to Economics

32: Business

33: Business and Environment

34: Environment

35: Review Week

36: Course Wrap-Up

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