Homeschool students will explore the fascinating world of spirituality, mysticism, and organized religion in the World Religions course.  We will focus on the major religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism and more.  Homeschoolers will focus on the social and economic conditions that birthed these faiths, their impact on the political decisions of world leaders, and more.  We will also study the evolution of these beliefs throughout the centuries and the splintering of each into different sects.                                         

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Comparative Religious Studies

  2: Animism

  3: Polytheism and Paganism

  4: From Many Gods to One God

  5: Theism and Deism

  6: Judaism in Ancient World

  7: Judaism in Modern Era

  8: More Contemporary Judaism

  9: Christ and the Early Christian Church

10: Shapers of the Christian Faith

11: Popular Christian Affiliations

12: More Popular Christian Churches

13: The Eastern Orthodox Church / Historical Development of Islam

14: Five Pillars / Islamic Scripture

15: Sufi Mystics / Introduction to Eastern Faiths

16: The World's Oldest Tradition

17: The Bhagavad-Gita and the Way of Yoga

18: Jainism / MIDTERM EXAM

19: Sikhism / Modern Hindu Heroes

20: The Historical Buddha / Early Buddhism

21: Selections from Buddhist Scripture

22: Buddhism in the Far East

23: Lao-tzu and Confucius

24: Confucian Writings

25: Shintoism

26: Cults, the Abuse of Religion

27: Modern Cults and Sects

28: The "New Age" Movement

29: Other Charismatic Cults

30: The Nature of Christian Prayer

31: The Nature of Doubt

32: The Nature of Faith

33: Christian Ecumenism?

34: Violence and Conflict: The Dark Side of Religion

35: Violence and Conflict, part 2

36: Final Review and Exam

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