High school homeschool students who wish to pursue the study of history in college are welcome to enroll in AP US History in order to prepare them for advanced placement exams.  We will study the colonization and expansion of the country, the wars and conflicts that have defined Americans as a people, the social upheavals and technological leaps that have shaped the way Americans view the world and each other, and the important political and social issues that Americans face today.  Homeschool students will receive a wonderful background in US history that will give them an edge in college-level history courses. 

Course Outline: 

  1: Introduction to AP U.S. History

  2: Discovery and Colonization of America

  3: A New Nation on the Move

  4: Tension Divides a Country

  5: United We Stand; Divided We Fall

  6: Reconstruction

  7: The Machine Age

  8: Politics and Policies

  9: Moving Forward

10: The World at War

11: A Roar and a Crash

12: New Deals Abound

13: The World at War Again

14: Rockin' and Rollin' Into the 50's

15: The Civil Rights Cause

16: Uncertainty in the 60's

17: Presidents, Poverty, and Prayer

18: A Great Society

19: Rights and Riots

20: Water Under the Bridge

21: New Challenges

22: Bicentennial and More

23: Foreign Affairs and Economy Questions

24: Enter the Reagan Years

25: Star Wars

26: Troubled Times

27: Thawing Out After the Cold War

28: Bush Popularity Up Midst Economic Downturn

29: Clinton's coup d'etat

30: Decisions in the Making

31: Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Recovery

32: Ushering in the Millennium

33: And What of the Future?

34: The AP Essay Question

35: Final Review and Course Exam

36: AP Exam Review and Practice Testing

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