In AP European History, homeschool students will be prepared for advanced placement history exams.  We will discuss the Renaissance, the rise of nations, the Thirty Years War and other European conflicts, technological and philosophical marvels in the Scientific Revolution, the Age of Reason, the Industrial Revolution, and more.  We will study political evolutions such as the rise of democracy and capitalism.  The latter half of the course will cover the World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam war, the conflict with communist powers, leading up to the current issues that the world powers face today.  This course is recommended for homeschool students who wish to pursue history on the collegiate level. 

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Course1

  2: The Renaissance
  3: The Reformation
  4: The Nation State
  5: The Thirty Years War and European Society
  6: The Scientific Revolution
  7: The Age of Reason
  8: The Bourbons and The Baroque Period
  9: National Developments Across Europe (1648-1789)
10: The French Revolutions
11: Impact of the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
12: The Industrial Revolution and Thought Systems
13: Europe In Crisis: Repression, Reform and Revolution
14: Realism
15: Capitalism and the Emergence of the New Left
16: The New Imperialism (1870-1914)
17: The First World War
18: WWI: The Russian Revolutions
19: WWI: The Final Phase (1917-1918)
20: Consequences of the War
21: Political Developments in Post-War Europe (1918-1929)
22: Midterm Exam and Review
23: Europe in Crisis: Depression and Dictatorship
24: International Developments (1918-1935)
25: The Road to the Second World War
26: The Second World War
27: WWII: Developments
28: WWII: The Conclusion
29: Post-War Europe
30: Western Europe 1945-1953
31: The Movement Towards Western European Economic Unity
32: The Cold War after the Death of Stalin
33: A New Era Begins
34: Europe’s Changing Role in International Relations
35: Review and Final Exam
36: Review Period for AP Exam

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