In Social Studies 1, homeschoolers will learn all about how the environment brings us what we need to survive.  Children will gain an understanding of how food comes from farms and is processed and distributed in order to finally end up on the dining room table.  They will learn about transportation networks, how clothing is made, how houses and towns are built, developed, and grown.  They will learn about how to respect the environment and minimize activities that will pollute the earth. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Food

  2: Food

  3: Food

  4: Farms and Ranches

  5: Foods That Travel

  6: Review Week

  7: Clothing

  8: Clothing

  9: Wool

10: Cotton

11: Special Types of Clothing

12: Dressing for Weather

13: Review Week

14: Houses

15: Houses

16: Little Town

17: Little Town

18: The Big City

19: The Big City

20: Review Week

21: Water

22: Heat, Light, Gas

23: Machines

24: Communication

25: Transportation

26: Review Week

27: Recycling

28: Protecting the Environment

29: Introduction to Rainforests

30: Review Week

31: Family

32: Family

33: Rules

34: Rules

35: Safety

36: Course Wrap-Up

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