In Math K, students will be able to explore the fundamentals of math at their own unique pace.  This course will lay a foundation for concepts that will be built upon over the remainder of the homeschooler's education.  It is vital that the student grasp these concepts.  That's why we enable the homeschool student to take all the time that he or she needs to complete the work.  This year we will introduce the child to shapes, patterns, sizes, measurements, counting, money, time, and more.  This course will provide homeschoolers with the knowledge they need to be successful in math throughout elementary school and beyond. 

Course Outline:

  1: Shapes

  2: Shapes II

  3: Patterns

  4: Patterns II

  5: Positions

  6: Positions II

  7: Shapes and Positions

  8: Same & Different, Big & Small

  9: Shape and Size

10: Comparing Lengths, Weights, and Capacities

11: Review and Unit I Test

12: Numbers 0 through 5

13: The Number Line 0 through 5

14: Comparing 0 through 5

15: Numbers 6 through 10

16: Comparing 0 through 10

17: Numbers Wrap-Up

18: Addition to 10

19: More Addition to 10

20: Subtraction to 10

21: More Subtraction to 10

22: Numbers 0 - 20

23: Comparing and Ordering 0 - 20

24: Review and Unit II Test

25: Measurement

26: More Measurement

27: Estimating Measurements

28: The Calendar

29: Telling Time

30: Word Problems

31: Money

32: Money II

33: Data and Graphs

34: Data and Graphs II

35: Introduction to Probability

36: Review and Unit III Test

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