Not every homeschool child is going to pursue higher maths in college.  For those who are not interested in advanced mathematics, Consumer Math provides an alternative course that will benefit every student.  This course will prepare every homeschooler for a life of basic math usage, regardless of their vocation.  We will focus on personal finance, money management, measurement and geometric applications, and more.  This course is tailor made to bring abstract mathematical concepts into down-to-earth everyday situations.  Practical applications of these concepts will convince even the most hardened math-hater that math skills are essential in adulthood. 

Course Outline:

  1: Linear Measurements

  2: Understanding and Working with Numbers

  3: Understanding and Working with Numbers

  4: Fractions

  5: Decimals

  6: Measurements of Solids

  7: Measurements of Solids

  8: The Meaning and Use of Percent

  9: Further Study of Percent

10: Preparation and Unit Test

11: Money, Credit, and Business

12: Saving, Wise Spending, and Investing

13: Insurance

14: Taxes

15: Ratio and Proportion

16: Geometric Constructions

17: Geometric Applications

18: Using Equations

19: More About Measures and Numbers

20: Preparation and Unit Test

21: Reading and Making Graphs

22: Reading and Making Graphs

23: Midterm Exam

24: Money Management

25: Money Management

26: Money Management

27: Management Science

28: Statistics

29: Statistics

30: Social Choice

31: Size and Shape

32: Computer Science

33: Summary

34: Practical Math

35: Practical Math

36: Practical Math

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