In Algebra 2, students will build on their algebraic knowledge base.  We will spend the first few weeks studying equations, inequalities, and exponents.  We will then move on to polynomials and factoring, rational and radical expressions, and quadratic equations.  Towards the end of the year, we will focus on graphing.  This course is essential for homeschoolers who wish to pursue engineering, mathematics, physics, engineering, or a variety of other academic departments in college.  It is also required to take Trigonometry and Calculus. 

Course Outline:

  1: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 1

  2: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 2

  3: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 3

  4: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 4

  5: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 5

  6: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 6

  7: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 7

  8: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 8

  9: Equations, Inequalities, and Exponents 9

10: Polynomials and Factoring 1

11: Polynomials and Factoring 2

12: Polynomials and Factoring 3

13: Polynomials and Factoring 4

14: Polynomials and Factoring 5

15: Polynomials and Factoring 6

16: Polynomials and Factoring 7

17: Rational Expressions and Exponents 1

18: Rational Expressions and Exponents 2

19: Rational Expressions and Exponents 3

20: Rational Expressions and Exponents 4

21: Rational Expressions and Exponents 5

22: Rational Expressions and Exponents 6

23: Rational Expressions and Exponents 7

24: Radical Expressions 1

25: Radical Expressions 2

26: Radical Expressions 3

27: Radical Expressions 4

28: Quadratic Equations 1

29: Quadratic Equations 2

30: Quadratic Equations 3

31: Graphs and Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 1

32: Graphs and Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 2

33: Graphs and Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 3

34: Graphs and Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 4

35: Graphs and Solutions of Equations and Inequalities 5

36: Final Exam

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