A self-explanatory course, Pre-Algebra will prepare students for the fascinating world of Algebra.  This course is designed to be an extension of Math 6.  However, students who have mastered Math 6 with a final grade of 85% or higher may skip this course, as it will be mostly review.  Homeschool students will be introduced to essential Algebraic principles such as the Pythagorean Theorem and graphical representations of linear equations.  Homeschoolers will master working with decimals, fractions, and proportional relationships as well as triangles, lines, and angles. 

Course Outline:

  1: Order of Operations

  2: Factors and Multiples 1

  3: Factors and Multiples 2

  4: Fractions and Mixed Numbers 1

  5: Fractions and Mixed Numbers 2

  6: Fractions: Multiplication and Division

  7: Fractions: Addition and Subtraction 1

  8: Fractions: Addition and Subtraction 2

  9: Fractions and Problem Solving

10: Decimals 1

11: Decimals 2

12: Decimals: Dividing and Converting

13: Ratio and Proportion 1

14: Ratio and Proportion 2

15: Percent 1

16: Percent 2

17: Integers: Addition and Subtraction 1

18: Integers: Addition and Subtraction 2

19: Integers: Multiplication and Division 1

20: Introduction to Variables

21: One-Step Equations

22: Solving One-Step Equations 1

23: Solving One-Step Equations 2

24: Solving Equations in General

25: Proportions and Problem Solving 1

26: Proportions and Problems Solving 2

27: Percents and Problem Solving

28: Graphing and Linear Equations 1

29: Graphing and Linear Equations 2

30: Exponents

31: Exponents and Radicals 1

32: Exponents and Radicals 2

33: Lines, Angles, and Triangles 1

34: Lines, Angles, and Triangles 2

35: The Pythagorean Theorem

36: Final Review and Exam

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