Homeschoolers who are not quite ready to dive into Pre-Algebra are encouraged to take Math 6, a course that will reinforce the elementary school years' study material and prepare them for the challenging path ahead.  This course will provide middle school homeschoolers with "Pre-Pre-Algebra" material such as variables, linear equations, and fundamental algebraic concepts.  Children who desire to improve their understanding of the following concepts before taking Pre-Algebra should seriously consider Math 6. 

Course Outline:

  1: Review 1

  2: Review 2

  3: Review 3

  4: U.S. Customary System

  5: Metric System

  6: Metric System

  7: Customary and Metric Conversions

  8: Geometry Terms

  9: Geometry Terms

10: Perimeter, Area, and Volume

11: Charts, Graphs, and More

12: Mean, Median, Mode, Range

13: More Probable Means

14: Probability

15: Signed Numbers

16: More Operations on Signed Numbers

17: Midterm Review

18: Midterm Exam

19: Order of Operations

20: Exponent Rules and Radicals

21: Exponent Rules and Radicals

22: Exponents Rules and Radicals

23: Exponent Rules and Radicals

24: Variables and Like Terms

25: Variables and Like Terms

26: Solving Equations

27: Solving Equations

28: Applications of Linear Equations

29: Applications of Linear Equations

30: Number Theory: Fibonacci

31: Functions

32: Functions and Graphing

33: Exploring Exponents

34: Exploring Exponents

35: Final Review

36: Final Exam

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