In Fifth Grade, students will review everything they've learned up until now in order to prepare them for more complex algebraic material in middle school.  This course will cover further in-depth exploration into fractions and decimals, long division, basic equations, variables, right, acute, and obtuse triangles, several different types of diagrams, converting between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and more.  We will introduce homeschoolers to the elements of statistical analysis such as mean, median, and mode. 

Course Outline:

  1: Decimals

  2: Rounding Decimals

  3: Fractions and their Decimal Equivalents

  4: Inequalities

  5: Arithmetic with Whole Numbers

  6: Arithmetic with Decimals

  7: Long Division

  8: Long Division II

  9: Fraction Arithmetic

10: Review

11: Perimeter and Area

12: Circles

13: Circles II

14: Shapes

15: Review

16: Measuring Devices

17: Temperature Conversions

18: Right, Acute, Obtuse Angles

19: Right, Acute, Obtuse Triangles

20: Tree Diagrams for Probability

21: Probability Predictions

22: Collect, Organize, and Display Data

23: Mean, Median, Mode and Range

24: Mead, Median, Mode, and Range II

25: Numerical and Geometric Patterns

26: Review

27: Variables

28: Variables II

29: Equations

30: Equations II

31: Properties of Operations

32: Properties of Operations II

33: Percents

34: Fractions as Percents

35: Percents II

36: Review

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