Homeschoolers will learn how to count to even higher numbers.  This year, students will work with numbers up to 1,000.  They will work with fractions and decimals in greater depth.  The most important development of the third grade year in mathematics occurs when homeschool students begin multiplying and dividing numbers.  Students will also be introduced to the working with the Metric system, an introduction to fundamental geometric shapes and qualities, and more.  Our math program will bring these abstract concepts to life using an engaging multimedia curriculum program. 

Course Outline:

  1: Place Value (Thousands)

  2: Rounding Numbers

  3: 4-Digit Numbers

  4: Inequalities

  5: Sums and Differences 0 - 9999

  6: Dividing Regions - Fractions

  7: Inequalities with Fractions

  8: Decimals

  9: Addition and Subtraction with Decimals

10: Review

11: Multiplication

12: Multiplication II

13: Multiplication III

14: Multiplying Larger Numbers

15: Equivalent Quantities

16: Division

17: Division II

18: Division III

19: Equivalent Quantities

20: Review

22: Equivalent Units of Money

23: Metric Measurements

24: U.S. Measurements

25: Time

26: Equivalent Periods of Time

27: Temperature

28: Review

29: Shapes

30: Lines

31: Angles

32: Congruence

34: Patterns

35: Patterns II

36: Review

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