In Math 2, students will continue their exploration of counting; this time to 100.  Continuing throughout the year, homeschoolers will learn how to count backwards, work with 3 digit numbers, and work with inequalities and fractions.  They will learn how to evaluate the temperature and become comfortable counting small and large sums of money in bills and coins.  This year, homeschool students will become familiar working out word problems.  These problems are vital for developing critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. 

Course Outline:

  1: Number Review

  2: Sums 0 - 99

  3: Differences 0 - 99

  4: Place Value (Hundreds)

  5: Digit Numbers

  6: Skip Counting Backwards

  7: Inequalities

  8: Fractions

  9: Fractions II

10: Inequalities with Fractions

11: Review

12: Money Signs

13: Money

14: Time

15: Calendar

16: Metric vs. US Units

17: Metric vs. US Units II

18: Temperature

19: Review

20: Shape Refresher

21: Counting Squares for Area

22: 3-Dimensional Figures

23: Counting Cubes for Volume

24: Compare/Contrast Place vs. Solid Shapes

25: Patterns

26: Patterns II

27: Review

28: Fill-ins

29: Understanding the Equal Sign

30: Fill-ins II

31: Story Problems

32: Story Problems II

33: Using Data from Tables and Graphs

34: Using Data from Tables and Graphs II

35: Review

36. Math Fun

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