Enrolling in a high school home school Calculus program will make your college application shine.  Homeschoolers who wish to pursue math, business, engineering, or science on a collegiate level can take calculus to prepare them for the challenging path ahead.  We will introduce homeschool students to the concepts of functions, limits, derivatives, graphic complex algebraic functions, and more.   Calculus, although abstract, is used in a variety of occupations.  Our curriculum will bring these esoteric concepts to life using a variety of multimedia programs. 

Course Outline:

  1: A Preview of Calculus

  2: Functions

  3: Transformations

  4: Combinations and Compositions

  5: Limits

  6: Limits and Continuity

  7: Unit Review and Test

  8: Derivatives

  9: Differentiation Formulas

10: More Differentiation Formulas

11: Differentiation Practice

12: Rates of Change

13: Trigonometric Derivatives

14: The Chain Rule

15: Implicit Differentiation

16: Higher Derivatives

17: Related Rates

18: Review and Midterm

19: Maximum and Minimum Values

20: Shape of a Graph

21: Horizontal Asymptotes

22: Curve Sketching

23: Optimization

24: Unit Review and Test

25: Antiderivatives

26: Areas and Riemann Sums

27: Definite Integrals

28: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

29: Indefinite Integrals

30: The Substitution Rule

31: Unit Review and Test

32: Area Between Curves

33: Volumes

34: More Volumes

35: Work

36: Review and Final

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