Students will reinforce their understanding of grammar in fifth grade, preparing them for more advanced studies of literature in middle school.  We will introduce homeschoolers to predicates, Latin roots, possessives, and reading comprehension.  We will spend a few days covering troublesome words such as sit vs. set, raise vs. rise, and let vs. leave to ensure that students have a basic grasp of which to choose in particular situations.  Homeschool students will learn how to use a dictionary and thesaurus to build their vocabulary and writing techniques as well as double check their writing for mistakes. 

Course Outline:

 1: Common, Proper, Singular and Plural Nouns

 2: Possessive Nouns

 3: Pronouns and Nouns

 4: Nouns and Noun Signals

 5: Verbs

 6: Contractions and Pronouns

 7: Latin Roots

 8: Sit/Set & Raise/Rise

 9: Let/Leave & Teach/Learn

10: Lay/Lie

11: Quotations

12: Adjectives

13: Adverbs

14: More on Verbs

15: Paragraphs

16: Sentences

17: Sentence Fragments

18: Dividing Sentences

19: Commas

20: Predicate

21: Subjects & Predicates

22: Central Idea

23: Capitalization

24: Review

25: Language

26: Subjects and Predicates Review

27: Subjects and Verbs Review

28: Dictionaries Introduction

29: Dictionaries

30: Books

31: Paragraphs

32: Possessives

33: Noun and Verb Review

34: Verbs, Words, & Rhyme

35: Nouns and Sentences

36: Finishing Up!

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