In Lively Language Arts 4, homeschoolers will move from their study of grammar rules into actual composition techniques.  Now that students have learned how to write, we teach them how to write complex sentences using a variety of tenses and other writing conventions.  We will spend time focusing on particularly troubling verbs that often confuse students.  We will read Anne of Green Gables and begin assigning oral reports.  We will also expose homeschool students to the art of poetry this year.  As a corollary, students will improve their handwriting skills.   

Course Outline:

 1: The Dictionary

 2: Definitions, Vocabulary, and Table of Contents

 3: Table of Contents, Autobiography and Nouns

 4: Nouns and Pronouns

 5: Pronouns

 6: Nouns

 7: Descriptives and Adjectives

 8: Adverbs, Good and Well, Synonyms and Antonyms

 9: Troublesome Verbs

10: Sentence Pattern and Pronoun

11: Improving Sentences

12: Paragraphs and Stories

13: Improving Paragraphs

14: Titles

15: Telling Sentences

16: Commas

17: Stanza

18: Letters

19: Anne of Green Gables

20: More on Anne

21: Sentences, Streets and Letters

22: Similies and Metaphors

23: Writing and Telling Stories

24: Prefixes

25: Oral Reports

26: Poetry: Part I

27: Poetry: Part II

28: Handwriting

29: Speaking and Listening

30: Nouns and Pronouns

31: Review

32: Whole Sentences

33: Words That Tell When and Where

34: Words

35: Took and Taken

36: More Sentence Work

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