Homeschoolers will learn how sentences are formed from nouns, verbs, contractions, prepositions, and more.  The parts of speech are the focus of the first semester's study, along with a review of last year's material.  We will learn about complete sentences, fragments, run-ons, and compound sentences, ensuring that students are able to write properly.  Homeschoolers will study punctuation, paragraph structure, grammar, and different ways to express their ideas using a variety of sentence types.  This course will serve as a foundation that will prepare students to learn about how to improve their writing ability next year.   

Course Outline: 

 1: Vowels and Consonants

 2: Alphabetic Order and Complete and Simple Subjects

 3: Compound Subjects and Predicates

 4: Fragments, Run-ons, Simple and Compound Sentences

 5: Word Order, Combining and Expanding Sentences, and Declaratives

 6: Types of Sentences

 7: Paragraphs

 8: Sentences and Common Nouns

 9: Words

10: Verbs

11: Reading

12: Writing

13: Capital Letters

14: Words That Sound Alike and Different Forms

15: Letters and Reports

16: Reports

17: Quotations

18: Contractions

19: Writing Conversation

20: Plural and Possessive Nouns

21: Pronouns

22: Skeletons

23: Pronouns Telling Whos

24: Letters and Review

25: Verbs: Action and Helping

26: Adding Words

27: Review

28: Irregular Verbs

29: More Irregular Verbs

30: Review

31: Newspapers and More on Verbs

32: Magazines and More on Verbs

33: Verbs and Practice

34: Adverbs

35: Prepositions

36: Finishing Up!

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