Lively Language Arts 2 builds on last year's study of phonics and introduces more complex word structures through a study of word blends, contractions, vowel sounds, long and short vowels, dipthongs, silent letters, apostrophes, prefixes and suffixes, and synonyms and antonyms.  Homeschoolers will begin recognizing more advanced words and will begin developing a more extensive vocabulary.  This course will prepare students for third grade English, in which they will learn how words work together to form sentences.   

Course Outline: 

 1: Contractions

 2: Final Blends

 3: 'A' Blends

 4: 'I' Blends

 5: 'O' Blends

 6: Review

 7: Long Vowel Teams: 'A'

 8: Long Vowel Teams: 'E' Part 1

 9: Long Vowel Teams: 'E' Part 2

10: Dipthongs

11: Dipthongs Part 2

12: Spelling and Controlled 'A' Vowels

13: Controlled Vowels with 'O'

14: 3 Letter O and A Blends

15: Irregular Vowel and Vowel Consonant Combinations

16: Long and Short Vowel Combinations

17: Final Consonant Blends

18: Final Consonant Blends

19: 3 Letter Ending Blends

20: Spelling and 3 Letter Ending Blends

21: 3 Letter Ending Blends

22: 3 Letter Ending Blends

23: Silent Letters & New Endings

24: Spelling & Words Ending in /y/; Plurals

25: Suffixes

26: Suffixes Part 2

27: Adding Suffixes

28: Spelling & Prefixes

29: Prefixes 2

30: Special Sounds

31: Special Plurals and More Special Sounds

32: Spelling & The Use of the Apostrophe

33: Synonyms & Antonyms

34: Antonyms and Homonyms

35: Review

36: Last Week!

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