Homeschooling students who are interested in how the news media works are encouraged to enroll in The Cambridge Academy Journalism course.  Students will learn how the media shapes popular opinion and perception of current events.  We will discuss how journalists cover stories, develop headlines, maintain objectivity, and compose reports.  Homeschoolers who can see themselves editing, writing, or reporting current events should enroll, as well as students who are interested in how journalism shapes our lives.  

Course Outline:

 1: The Art of Writing

 2: Meaning and Value

 3: A Sense of News

 4: Write a News Story

 5: Headlines

 6: Objectivity

 7: Newspaper Training

 8: The Challenges of Journalism

 9: Truth in Reporting

10: Writing Sense

11: The Job

12: Form

13: Writing the News Story

14: Meetings and Speeches

15: Story Development

16: A Play Review

17: Midterm Exam

18: About Interviewing

19: The Challenges of Journalism

20: Covering the News Field

21: The Editorial 1

22: The Editorial 2

23: Democracy and World Understanding

24: The Sports Page

25: More About Columns

26: Letters to the Editor

27: Developing a Style of Your Own

28: Unity

29: Continuity

30: Mechanics

31: Be Effective

32: More About Style

33: Polishing Your Style

34: Fine Tuning

35: The Copyreader

36: Final Exam

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