The best way for homeschoolers to develop keen creative writing skills is to read and write constantly.  We will study some of the best writing Western culture has to offer to engage homeschoolers in an analysis of quality poetry and prose.  We will examine the elements of writing poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction.  Students will learn about new trends in writing such as journaling and blogging; new forms of communication that are changing the way people think about media.  

Course Outline:

 1. Introduction

 2. Sensation Poetry

 3. Inspiration Poetry

 4. Inspiration Music

 5. Inspiration Painting

 6. Inspiration Photograph

 7. Writing Portrait Poems

 8. Writing Response Poems

 9. Writing Narrative Poems

10. Writing Translation Poems

11. Writing Shaped Poems

12. Writing Sonnets

13. Writing Pantoums

14. Writing Nature Poems

15. Writing Religious Poems

16. Poetry Criticism / Reviews

17. Revising Poetry

18. Poetry Submitting / Responding

19. The Short Story

20. Short Story Elements

21. Short Story Elements II

22. Short Story Elements III

23. Short Story Elements IV

24. Short Story Style

25. Short Story Types

26. Short Story Tropes

27. Short Story Tropes II

28. Short Story Criticism / Reviews

29. Short Story Revising

30. Short Story Submitting / Responding

31. Journaling / Blogging

32. Creative Nonfiction / Memoirs

33. Creative Nonfiction / Memoirs II

34. Creative Nonfiction / Memoirs III

35. Memoir Revising

36. Creative Writing Portfolio

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