More than any other skill, a solid ability to write will help children succeed in getting accepted into and excelling at colleges and universities.  It's important that today's homeschoolers know how to express their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs effectively and convincingly.  Homeschool students will learn how to outline their thoughts, compose the introduction, body, and conclusion of papers, develop a concise writing style, and proofread for errors.  If your homeschool student is interested in entering college, this course is a must.  

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to the Course

  2: Fundamentals of Effective Writing

  3: Writing Topics

  4: Writing Styles

  5: Thesis

  6: Parts of Speech

  7: Sentence Type/Punctuation

  8: Grammar Review

  9: Common Mistakes

10: Combining and Rewriting Sentences

11: Plain English Writing

12: Write the Way You Talk

13: Organization and Layout

14: Academic Writing

15: Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Combining Sources

16: Re-writing and Proof Reading

17: Writing the Introduction

This course is currently under development.  The outline will be updated soon.  Thanks for your patience.

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