This course is designed to enable homeschoolers to perform well on advanced placement exams.  We will discuss advanced elements and mechanics of English literature, study different genres of literature, focus on a variety of literary approaches, and study the novel as an art form.  Students will learn about different literary devices such as setting, tone, style, structure, language, and symbolism.   We will finish off the year with a practice exam that will prepare homeschool students for the AP exam. 

Course Outline:

 1: Introduction

 2: Poetry Elements I

 3: Poetry

 4: Poetry Elements/Literary Approach I : Doing a Close Reading

 5: Figurative Language

 6: Using Textual Evidence

 7: Literary Approach II: Society

 8: Review

 9: Literary Approach III: History

10: Introduction to Short Fiction

11: Literary Approach IV: Personal

12: Literary Approach V: Biography

13: Literary Approach VI: Gender

14: Literary Approach VII: Psychology

15: Literary Approaches VIII & IX: Structure & Form

16: Literary Approach X: Myth

17: Two More Literary Approaches: Philosophy & Culture

18: Drama I: Introduction

19: Drama II

20: Drama III

21: Drama IV

22: Drama V: Multiple Interpretation

23: In Anticipation of Easter

24: The Novel I

25: The Novel II

26: The Novel II (cont.)

27: Course Review

28: The Novel III

29: The Novel IV

30: The Novel IV (cont.)

31: The Novel V

32: The Novel V (cont.)

33: The Novel VI

34: The Novel VI (cont.)

35: Course Exam

36: The AP Practice Exam

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