This AP English course will provoke students to develop their understanding of the English language.  Designed to help students prepare for the AP English exam, this course will help students to develop their logical thinking skills as they relate to communication via the written word.  Homeschoolers will learn how to improve upon their written work through proofreading and content analysis.  At the end of the year, we will teach homeschoolers valuable test-taking skills that will improve their ability to perform well on standardized tests.  The course is capped with an AP English practice test.

Course Outline:

 1: Introduction

 2: Describing

 3: Narrating

 4: Processing

 5: Identifying Cause and Effect

 6: Finding the Problem and Solution

 7: Defining

 8: Critiquing

 9: The Writing Process I

10: The Writing Process II

11: Syntax I

12: Syntax II

13: Closing & Revising

14: Thinking Critically

15: Using Language

16: Verifying

17: Assuming

18: Opining

19: Evaluating

20: Pointing a View

21: Arguing I

22: Arguing II

23: Fallacious Reasoning I

24: Fallacious Reasoning II

25: Inductive Thinking

26: Deductive Thinking

27: Combining for Argument

28: Research & Study Skills

29: Test Preparation I

30: Test Preparation II

31: Reducing Test Anxiety

32: Reading and Reviewing

33: College Prep

34: Career Prep

35: Course Exam

36: The AP Practice Exam

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