Homeschoolers interested in working in the music industry will love our innovative virtual music studio software.  Designed for middle and high school students, this course will teach homeschool students the basics of music recording, mixing, editing, and more.  We will study the elements of composition such as melody, harmony, and rhythm.  Upon completion of this course, students will have all the knowledge they need to develop a variety of different genres of music and become comfortable working in a music studio. 

Course Outline:

 1: Introduction

 2: Basics of Melody

 3: Basics of Harmony

 4: Basics of Rhythm

 5: Beyond Basics

 6: Music Styles and Arrangements

 7: How Different Instruments Sound Together

 8: Applying What You Already Know

 9: 1st Long Term Assessment/Your 1st Session

10: Building a Session

11: Audio Editing Basics

12: Editing Basics cont. and The Mixer

13: The Mixer continued

14: Effects Overview

15: Understanding EQ

16: Spatial Effects

17: More Effects

18: Midterm Review and EXAM

19: More Effects

20: The Synthesizer and MIDI

21: Using the Silver Synth Pro

22: Using the Copper Synthesizer

23: Drum and Bass

24: The Beat Box

25: Using The Sampler

26: Synthesizer continued

27: 3rd Long Term Assessment and Getting Your Point Across

28: Improvisation

29: Video Basics

30: Video Basics continued

31: Soundtracks

32: Mixing It All Down

33: Utilizing The Web

34: Putting It All Together


36: The Art Of Remixing

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