In this fun Kindergarten Art and Music course, homeschoolers will begin to understand the forms, content, and style of artistic expression.  They will not only learn about art but learn how to create their own.  They will learn how different primary colors can be mixed together to create a vibrant spectrum.  They will be introduced to different visual media such as painting, coloring, drawing, and sculpture.  Throughout the latter half of the year, homeschool students will focus on the aural side of art including clapping songs, short poems, and nursery rhymes.   

Course Outline:

 1: Colors and Shades

 2: Lines

 3: More Lines and Spaces

 4: Form and Texture

 5: Designs

 6: Portraits

 7: Experimenting with Color

 8: Fun with Nature

 9: Ancient Art

10: Food Art

11: Painting and Patterns

12: Animal Art

13: More Animal Art

14: Cans and Collages

15: Holiday Art

16: More Holiday Art

17: Picasso and O'Keefe

18: Your Home, Your Favorite

19: Introduction to Music

20: Sound

21: The Violin

22: Let's Sing Bingo

23: Clap Verse

24: Rests

25: Angus and the Ducks

26: Freeze Dance

27: Frog Music Video

28: Words

29: Music Letters: Two

30: Music Letters: Four

31: T, H Come Together

32: Musical Mobile

33: More on Musical Instruments

34: Cool Cup and More

35: Brush Your Teeth and More

36: Notes, Notes, Notes

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