In 20th Century music, the art world exploded with hundreds of variations across dozens of media and art forms.  Due to the advent of several technological shifts, social advances, and philosophical movements, the art world was shaken to its very core during the 1900's.  The meaning of art was questioned  frequently, the century saw the rise of pop art.  Homeschool students will study many different kinds of music, from negro spirituals to minimalist composers to ethereal ambient to politically charged punk to defiant hip-hop.  Throughout the latter half of the school year, homeschoolers will shift their focus outside the boundaries of America to study several music styles in India, Jamaica, and Japan. 

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction to Music

  2: Classical Music

  3: The 30s and 40s

  4: Spiritual Music

  5: Folk Music

  6: Popular Folk Musicians

  7: The Blues

  8: Popular Blues Musicians

  9: Jazz

10: Popular Jazz Musicians

11: Giants of Jazz

12: Giants of the Guitar

13: Minimalist Music

14: More Minimalist Composers

15: Crumb, Adams and Cage

16: Musique Concrete and the age of the Synthesizer

17: Computer Music


19: Ambient and New Age Music

20: The British Invasion

21: Funk

22: Soul

23: Hip-Hop

24: The Nashville Sound

25: Punk Rock

26: Classic Albums

27: Indie Music and Long Term Assessment

28: Indian Film Music

29: Popular African Music

30: Ethiopian Popular Music

31: Jamaican Popular Music

32: Brazilian Popular Music

33: Japanese Pop Music

34: World Music

35: Music Technology


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