Homeschoolers will dive headfirst into the world of art and music in second grade.  We will start focusing on art history, introducing students to styles throughout the centuries such as Greek sculpture, Neoclassicism, Pop Art, and Asian woodblock printing.  We will also make seasonal arts and crafts throughout the year.  In the second half of the course, homeschool students will study different genres of music and instruments across the country.  We will explore everything from Appalachian roots music to Inuit folk songs.

Course Outline:

  1: Color and Form

  2: Line and Shape

  3: Space and Principle

  4: Emphasis and Proportion

  5: Rhythm and Drawing

  6: Styles and Cubism

  7: Renaissance and Greek Art

  8: Neoclassicism and Pre-Raphael

  9: Pop Art and Mosaics

10: Asian Art

11: African Art

12: Autumn Crafts

13: Paper Art and Shadows

14: Positive and Negative

15: Holiday Art

16: The Polar Express

17: Matisee and VanGogh

18: Recycling and Art, and Web Art

19: Introduction to Music

20: Strings and Brass

21: Keyboards

22: Percussion and Woodwinds

23: Music Store

24: Let's Create and Sing

25: Composing Music

26: More on Sound

27: The Mandolin

28: The Banjo

29: Cowboy Songs

30: More on the Orchestra

31: Orchestra Quiz

32: Circus Music

33: Eskimo Music

34: Music Facts

35: Appalachian Music and Dance

36: Review and Final Quiz

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