In this course, students will learn how to deal with everyday dangers as well as uncommon crises and emergencies.  Homeschoolers will learn how to cope with pressures that teenagers face such as drug and alcohol use, dating violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and gang violence.  By learning how to best deal with these dangers, homeschooled students will be better prepared to live happy, healthy lives free of stress and anxiety.  We will also focus on current events and news studies to inform youth about current destructive trends among teens and how to approach them. 

Course Outline:

  1: The Human Body

  2: A World of Dangers

  3: Driving Danger and Domestic Abuse

  4: Dating Violence

  5: Anger

  6: Safety and CPR

  7: Tobacco

  8: Alcohol

  9: Drugs

10: Self Esteem and Body Image

11: Our Bodies

12: Eating Disorders

13: Steroids

14: Nutrition

15: Digestion

16: Body Systems

17: Mental Health

18: Stress

19: ADD and Dyslexia

20: HIV

21: AIDS

22: Friends First

23: Life Skills

24: Life Choices

25: Bad Situations

26: Teen Violence

27: Gang

28: Safety

29: How Do People Get Sick?

30: Illness 1

31: Illness 2

32: Supplements and Prescription Drugs

33: Prevention

34: Exercise

35: Healthy Lifestyles

36: Careers in Health

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