Middle school is a tough time for young homeschoolers.  Their bodies are changing, they are transitioning into adulthood, and the emotional and mental strain of this transition can be difficult to cope with.  This course is designed to help homeschoolers deal with the changes they are experiencing in order to live happily and healthily.  Students will learn good manners, dealing with peer pressure, healthy eating habits, exercise regimens, self-esteem and body image issues, and a basic overview of the functioning of the human anatomy.  

Course Outline:

  1: Good Manners

  2: Social Health

  3: Boys and Girls

  4: Importance of Food

  5: Minerals

  6: Water

  7: Digestion

  8: Eating Right

  9: How your Body Grows

10: Your Body

11: Self Esteem and Body Image

12: Healthy Bodies

13: Physical Fitness

14: Sports and Wellness

15: Growth and Development

16: Mental Health 1

17: Mental Health 2

18: Mental Health 3

19: Tobacco

20: Drugs

21: Alcohol

22: The Five Senses 1

23: The Five Senses 2

24: The Nervous System

25: The Nervous and Respiratory Systems

26: The Respiratory System

27: The Respiratory and Circulatory System

28: The Circulatory System

29: The Digestive System

30: The Digestive System

31: The Excretory System

32: The Excretory and Reproductive Systems

33: The Miracle of Life

34: Genetics

35: Allergies, Viruses, and Disease

36: Course Wrap-Up

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