Homeschoolers will gain invaluable knowledge about how the body takes in nutrients and filters out toxins in the beginning half of this course.  We will learn about bacteria, viruses, sickness and disease and most importantly, how to avoid these things.  Developing clean and healthy habits is an important part of growing up.  Students will also take a look at some of the changes that their bodies are about to go through as they transition through adolescence into teenagers.  We will finish out the year with a discussion on what homeschoolers can do in the event of an emergency.  

Course Outline:

  1: Purposes of Eating

  2: Types of Food

  3: Sources of Food Elements

  4: The Food Groups

  5: A Look at the Body

  6: Food Energy and the Body

  7: Vitamins and Minerals

  8: Physical, Social, and Emotional Growth

  9: Likeable Traits

10: More on Bacteria

11: Controlling Bacteria in Food

12: More on Controlling Bacteria

13: Bacteria Inside the Body

14: Antitoxins and the Spread of Disease

15: Spreading Diseases

16: Review Week

17: Being Aware of your Health

18: Health Discoveries

19: Health and Science

20: Foods and Nutrition

21: All About Your Blood

22: Learning to be a Team Player

23: Do you See What I See?

24: Growing Pains

25: Setting Goals

26: Food Facts and Fitness

27: Health Video Series 1

28: Health Video Series 2

29: Health Video Series 3

30: Health Video Series 4

31: Safety 101

32: Safety 102

33: Safety 103

34: Safety 104

35: Learning about Emergencies

36: What to do in an Emergency

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