Developing healthy habits is a fantastic way to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul throughout the course of the homeschooler's life.  Our third grade Health and Physical Education course will enable children to learn healthy habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.  They will learn basic rules of safety, how their bodies work, how to cope with negative feelings and emotions, how to stay on a healthy diet and exercise program, how to socialize well with peers and adults, and more.  Homeschool students who take this course will gain invaluable awareness, skills, and mindsets that will promote constructive living.  

Course Outline:

  1: Body Growth and Habits

  2: Good Manners, Rules and Laws

  3: Basic Values

  4: The Self

  5: Safety First 1

  6: Safety First 2

  7: Safety Hazards

  8: Your Senses

  9: In the Mouth

10: Dental Habits

11: How Your Teeth Grow

12: Dental Care

13: Looking at the Eyes

14: Body Cells and Food Nutrients

15: Food Groups and Eating Habits

16: How Food Becomes Body Fuel

17: The Heart

18: The Blood and Circulation

19: The Framework: Appreciating our Skeleton

20: The Movers: Appreciating our Muscles

21: Your Skin

22: Your Brain and Nerves

23: The Brain and Spinal Chord

24: The Brain and Endocrine System

25: Growing in Responsibility

26: Good Manners

27: Everybody has Feelings

28: Diversity

29: Dangerous Things

30: Protecting Yourself and Others 1

31: Protecting Yourself and Others 2

32: Friends and Siblings

34: Apologies, Self Esteem, and Anger

33: How Should I Live?

35: Feelings and Fights

36: Tips to Grow On

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