In Health and Physical Education 1, homeschool students will learn about how to live a healthy and happy life through constructive habits.  Students will learn about the food groups, balancing a tasty and healthy diet, learning indoor and outdoor safety techniques, personal hygiene, dealing with feelings and emotions, and making positive choices.  Homeschoolers will also gain an understanding of basic etiquette, learning appropriate behaviors and discouraging negative or inappropriate social actions.   

Course Outline:

  1: People Skills

  2: Safety First

  3: Coming to our Senses

  4: Foods to Make You Healthy

  5: Growing Tall and Strong

  6: Fun Safety

  7: Germs and Health

  8: What to Wear

  9: Taking Care of Your Teeth

10: Growing Up

11: Clean Skin and Clothes

12: Muscles and Good Posture

13: Anger, Forgiveness, and Helping

14: Diversity

15: Belonging to Your Family

16: Silly Trivia

17: Doctors and Dentists

18: Esau Forgives Jacob

19: Health Start

20: More on Diversity

21: Listening

22: It's Okay to Make Mistakes

23: Social Influences

24: Health in Body and Mind

25: Friendships

26: Respect and Caring

27: All About Feelings

28: Illnesses and Accidents

29: Accidents and Hospitals

30: Manners

31: Self Confidence

32: Dangers of Alcohol

33: Choices

34: When I Grow Up

35: When I Grow Up

36: Let's Be Active

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