Students who wish to pursue a career in medicine are strongly urged to enroll in this course.  As long as there is disease and discomfort, there will be people attempting to better the lives of others through medicinal care.  Homeschool students will learn what it takes to become a doctor, nurse, chiropractic, dentist, pharmacist, OB/GYN, physical therapist, and more.  Homeschoolers will study various methodology and practices in the field of medicine.  We will also take a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of surgery, the deliverance of infants, and the physical therapy of athletes.      

Course Outline:

  1: Introduction

  2: Medicine

  3: Becoming a Doctor

  4: General Practice

  5: Nursing

  6: Alternative Medicine

  7: Chiropractic

  8: Pharmacology

  9: Dentistry

10: Emergency Room

11: Emergency

12: Emergency

13: Eye Professions

14: OB/GYN

15: Pregnancy

16: Neurology

17: Mental Illness

18: Midterm

19: Immunology

20: Infectious Disease

21: Infectious Disease

22: Cardiology

23: Oncology

24: Radiology

25: Medical Imaging

26: Nutrition

27: Nephrology

28: Endocrinology

29: Pulminory Medicine

30: No Rhyme Nor Reason

31: No Rhyme Nor Reason

32: No Rhyme Nor Reason

33: No Rhyme Nor Reason

34: Surgery

35: Sports Medicine

36: Final

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