Forensics has grown greatly in popularity over the course of the last few years due to several TV shows who dramatize the everyday practices of Crime Scene Investigators.  Although these shows are an over the top look at this occupation, it remains an exciting element of police work.  Homeschool students will learn about how to analyze a crime scene, look for clues, evaluate evidence, and more.  Homeschoolers will learn how to think like a scientist in order to get the most information out of the scene of a crime.  We will also take a look at various case studies that changed the way we CSI's do their job.      

Course Outline:

  1: What is Forensic Science?
  2: Careers in Forensic Science
  3: History of Forensic Science
  4: Think Like a Scientist
  5: The Scene of the Crime
  6: Collecting Information
  7: Crime Scene Kit
  8: Applying What You Know
  9: Review and Test
10: What is a Crime?
11: Facts Define the Crime
12: Forensic Anthropology
13: Evidence Collection
14: Document Analysis
15: Forensic Pathology
16: Interview and Behavior
17: Think with the Pros
The Review and Test
18: Review and Test
19: The Crime Lab
20: Artillery
21: Computer Based Crime
22: Toxicology
23: Arson and Explosives
24: DNA Identification
25: Blood Analysis
26: Fingerprint Analysis
27: Facial and Dental Reconstruction
28: Crime Reconstruction
29: Review and Test
30: Expert Witnesses
31: Criminal Cases
32: Civil Cases
33: Outside the Courtroom
34: Review
35: Solving a Case
36: Test

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