Homeschoolers who enroll in our high school Biology course will gain a basic understanding of living organisms.  We will take a look at the origin of life, the cellular makeup of living things, microbiologic creatures such as bacteria and viruses, algae and protozoa, fungi and molds.  Throughout the year, students will move on to more complex organisms such as plant life, invertebrates, vertebrates, and eventually humans. Homeschool students will become familiar with classifying different living organisms in categories like family and species. Towards the end of the year, we will focus on the different bodily systems that make up our physical beings.      

Course Outline:

  1: Why Study Biology?

  2: Living Things

  3: Cells

  4: Mitosis

  5: Classification and Taxonomy

  6: Bacteria

  7: Alga and Protozoa

  8: Spores, Molds, and Mushrooms

  9: Mosses and Ferns

10: Seed Plants

11: Plant Nutrition

12: Invertebrates - Part I

13: Invertebrates - Part II

14: Invertebrates - Part III

15: Vertebrates - Part I

16: Vertebrates - Part II

17: Animal Systems

18: Body Systems

19: Digestion

20: Human Diet

21: Composition of the Blood

22: Nervous Systems

23: Nerve Functions

24: Human Glands

25: Organic Reproduction

26: Plant Adaptation

27: Animal Mix

28: Body Review

29: Genes and Biology Review

30: Genetics and DNA Intro

31: Genetics

32: DNA

33: DNA

34: Review

35: Chapter Reviews

36: Final Week

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